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About Us

Chihuahua 2002
DJ Bobo (Chihuahua)

We became familiar with the 'designer' pup also called ChiPoo ever since we adopted our very own SheShee. Our life has been full ever since and it is our privilege to share her with all of you. After millions of comments and requests for more information from care to how to adopt one of your own, we are making these very charming darlings available to your home from ours.

Lots of love and attention go along with these unique puppies. Our ChiPoo couple has been carefully selected for their gentle temperament and adorable natures. Spyder is a high class princess and her colors very desirable. Both our parents are full blooded and papered to insure quality pups.

We are a loving home with healthy habits. Our puppies are well socialized. They have their litter mates and other chipoos for playmates. They are tenderly loved and grow up around our children so they are fully prepared for life in a family. We value their health and well being as well as their developing social life. We train our puppies to potty on puppy pads and they are crate trained before they are weaned. The transition to your family will be as easy as we can make it. They are also given their first shots before they leave our home.

This site will introduce you to your new baby and prepare you for a life with a Chipoo. They are little darlings and will fill your life with happiness for years to come.

Just be warned, they are highly coveted and adoringly addictive ;)

What a Lady! (Our Dam)

ChiPoos (Our Puppies)

What a Stud! (Our Sire)


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